Excess Inventory Management

As a leader in data analytics and market intelligence, our partners leverage on our experience to make confident inventory disposition decisions. This allows us to provide flexible solutions, control and transparency to ensure that your ROI will be maximised without compromise.

Our Solutions

We provide the following services but are not limited to

Outright Purchase

A fast solution to your excess inventory issue, our experienced analyst will provide a competitive bid on individual lines or a whole lot, ensuring a premium price when purchasing your components.

Upon your agreement, AOC delivers prompt payment and arranges for shipment at our expense.

Consignment Agreement

To meet space constraints in your warehouse, this quick and simple solution also ensures a maximised return.

Our worldwide logistics capabilities ensure a prompt and efficient collection of your surplus inventory to our warehouse at no cost.

Our consignment process is transparent – updating you with reports on sales and remaining inventory monthly

Decision on resale prices and maximization of returns remain entirely in your capacity

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